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Online Course

Overview of In-Class Instructions

Rules of the road

Traffic laws and Regulations Types of driver’s licences
Levels of Traffic Laws
Reason for Traffic laws and regulations
Road Control Devices

The Vehicle and its components

Basic Vehicle Components Control Devices
Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Handling

Controlling The Vehicle Safety
Collision Avoidance Critical Situations
Skid Control

Driver Behaviour

Adjusting Driver Behaviour
Emotions Effecting Driving
Positive Driving Attitude and Behaviours

Respect and Responsibility

Responding to Emergency Situations
Safety and Responsibility
Conflict Avoidance
Environmental Responsibility
Lifelong learning

Sharing the Road

Cooperative Driving
Communication among road users


Impaired Driving
Effects of Impairment
Consequences of Impairment

Perceptions and Risk Management

Where to observe
How to observe
Perception of Personal Limits
Dangerous Driving
Risk Tolerance
Accurate Risk Perception
Factors Effecting Perception
Factors of Collision
Driving Hazards

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