When will I get my certificate?

When you complete in-class and in-car components and submit your completed student workbook, Drive Maxx will update Ministry of Transportation database of course completion. The student is required to request Driver History from any of Service Ontario locations. The students are advised to check with school staff if everything is updated with MTO before they go to Service Ontario.

How much discount will I get on my insurance with the certificate?

Upon completion of the program, the student is required to get Ontario Driver History from Service Ontario. This document is widely recognized by insurance companies as a proof of BDE program. Your age, gender, type of car and postal code of address you live in determine your insurance.

Is there a payment plan for the course?

Yes, you can pay as low as $150 to start the program and pay the rest in two instalments.

Would I be able to use my instructor’s car for road test?

Yes, certainly! Our team of professional instructors have tremendous experience with road test procedures. We make sure you understand each and every maneuver in the test so you can pass with full confidence.

How long I can wait before starting in-car lessons?

You have maximum of eight months from starting date to complete the entire program. Payment must be made in full before starting in-car sessions.

How early can I book my test?

If you complete MTO approved course, you can go in 8 months since you got your G1 or you have to wait 1 year if you are newly licensed without prior driving experience.

How do I get appointment for road test?

You can call 1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331. Also you can visit www.drivetest.ca or call your instructor or office to help you with booking.

Are course lessons enough?

Ministry of Transportation requires minimum of 10 hrs of driving to complete the program. Weather 10 hrs are enough behind the wheel depends on couple of factors e.g. prior experience or learning skills and comfort level of a student. If you feel you need more practice to improve your skills, we offer individual lessons to gain enough confidence to pass road test.

What is MTO requirement to complete the course?

20 hrs in-class, 10 hrs in-car and 10 hrs of homework.

Do I have to finish my classes before I get in-car sessions?

No, you have an option of doing classes and car lessons together or you may complete the classroom component first before start driving.

Can I start without G1?

Yes, you can start the program without G1, but to complete driving part, you need at least G1 licence.

Can I join the course anytime?

Yes, you can join the course any weekday or weekend. See online schedule or call our office for further assistance.

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